What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements, And Why Do You Need Them?

Pre-workout supplements are made to decrease the fatigue of your workouts in a nut shell, but they can also assist with focus, pumps, thermogenic effects, recovery, energy levels and blood circulation to name a few. The effects of pre-workout completely depend on the ingredients and their dosages, along with you! Each person will experience different effects so that is something to keep in mind. So let's look as some of the effects in more detail.

Note, if you are looking for something specific in a pre-workout then do your research on the ingredients used for that specific effect and then you can select pre-workouts more suited to your goals.

Improved Mind to Muscle Connection 

Firstly, we'll start with what this is. Mind to Muscle Connection, in basic terms works like this. Say you are training legs and you are doing leg extension. You are telling your brain that you are exercising your quads, so every repetition you do, you try and focus on the contraction of your quad, and your quad only. Hence connecting your mind, to the muscle you are training. 

The brain plays a major role in regulating strength and muscle movement. The nervous system of our body helps in driving our muscles, telling that muscle the intensity and duration required for action. One can establish the fact that real muscle movement starts from our brain. 

Studies show the notion that you actually increase your potential to improve and balance your strength as you focus on the workout you do. When there is a strong signal being sent from your brain towards your muscle, there will be more engagement of your muscle. It pays off as it comes to shifting the power towards a focused perspective. For example, if you concentrate on the contraction of the muscles that are involved, you will get a better result. L-theanine and caffeine are some examples of ingredients that can help. These ingredients will help you stay more active and protected against mental fatigue. 

Improved Energy Levels

Morning and afternoon slumps can be draining, and we all want that boost of energy that helps us get through the day, making us feel more energized and fresh. Luckily, a pre-workout supplement can help give you this boost. A stimulant such as caffeine can help improve your energy levels. However, timing plays an important factor in this regard. Consume a pre-workout supplement as directed on the label for the best effects.

Get More Out Of Exercise

With the benefit of enhanced mental focus and an increase in energy levels, it can allow your workout to be more intense for a longer period of time, which can result in better gains!

BCAAs are a good additional supplement to take throughout your workout. This will also help you maintain your energy levels, amongst other things. 

Thermogenic Effects

Thermogenic products help in kick-starting your bodies metabolism – the quicker it gets, the faster energy is burnt. Your body will convert the fat reserves into energy that way, helping you in weight loss. 

If your goal is to lose weight, then selecting a pre-workout with ingredients to promote thermogenesis would best suited to you. 

Improved Recovery Speed 

Another reason why pre-workout supplements are helpful is that they can assist with promoting recovery. NooLVL is an ingredient for improving pump enhancement, helping in a better flow of nutrients and oxygen in your muscles. As these ingredients in pre-workout supplements help in the dilation of the veins, the phenomenon will improve the influence of the efficiency of the waste metabolites moving out of your bodies muscles. 

When there is more nutrient and oxygen flow towards your muscle, there will be a better and faster removal of the waste products in your body as you recover from a workout. Some of the pre-workout supplements also contain ingredients, like Ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic herb. Such ingredients help the body to better adapt to the physiological stress being brought to your body and improve the overall recovery time. 

Which Is the Right Pre-Workout Supplement?

There are a lot of advantages to adding a pre-workout supplement to your training. However, there are specific ingredients in different pre-workout supplements that can assist with different things so it is important to do your research and find which ones match your goals.

Or, just test out some pre-workouts and see which ones work the best for you.

Always make sure you carefully read the labels so you are fully aware of what you are consuming, along with following manufacturer guidelines for serving sizes and consumptions.