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EHP Labs Beyond BCAA+EAA

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Beyond BCAA + EAA is essentially a better version of Beyond BCAA. With the addition of EAAs it becomes a powerhouse of a supplement, allowing you to experience:

  • Improved performance
  • Better muscle performance.
  • Faster recovery, meaning reduced DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Build muscle and burn fat.
  • Enhanced muscle recovery and more energy
  • Higher pain tolerance so you can get those extra few reps
  • Mood enhancers to keep you laser focused on making gains

    How does BEYOND BCAA+EAA work? 
    Our scientifically backed formula ensures ingredients work synergistically together to help you get the most out of the product! BEYOND helps you to improve recovery by including our complete EAA blend to allow muscle protein to be replenished and regenerated. BEYOND helps with performance by including ingredients to help improve nervous system and cognitive function while working out. Take your workout up and BEYOND!


    What makes BEYOND the best on the market? 
    Not many intra-workout products tick all the boxes BEYOND does! What makes BEYOND so special is that it combines performance, recovery and focus ingredients in a unique and science backed combination! You won’t find many recovery products that will support your nervous system and cognitive function! Including a full EAA profile with BCAAs and other important amino acids ensures these amino acids are working in harmony and means we can prevent catabolism while helping to build lean muscle mass.


    Who is BEYOND designed for? 
    BEYOND is designed for anyone who needs a helping hand with recovery after a workout OR for those needing an extra push of endurance and focus during their workout! You don’t need to be an advanced trainer to use BEYOND!


    Is there a difference between BEYOND, RP MAX, PSI and PRIDE? 
    BEYOND is your caffeine free formulation and beneficial for intra-workout and recovery. It differs to RP MAX, PSI and PRIDE as those formulas are designed to use pre workout. This means you can safely take RP MAX, PSI or PRIDE before your workout then sip on BEYOND during your workout!

    BEYOND BCAA + EAA is suitable to be taken during a workout for increased endurance, recovery and focus. We give you the choice to choose your dosage with our 30/ 60 serve option. Take one scoop or choose to take two scoops for extra focus and recovery benefits.

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