Our Story

Like many other fitness/supplement businesses, Swole Co started with the intention of being the best! Better than the rest.
However, it wasn’t until we started building the brand that we realised it was much more than that. It was the birth of a lifelong passion to not only work for ourselves, but to live that dream through the fitness industry. Health and fitness has been a massive part of our lives for such a long time and throughout that we have seen many businesses fall and rise, giving us such a vast insight into what works and what doesn’t. We feel that we are now able to produce something that hits all of the ‘what works’ and leaves out the ‘what doesn’t. 
Here at Swole Co, we don’t want to just be another brand, another business that falls under the same bracket. We want to stand out and be known in our own space. Not only do we want to inspire you to GET SWOLE! But we want to build the Swole family. A place where you can come for all your supplement and apparel needs and feel like you are shopping with family.
So come on! Let’s get Swole together.