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EHP Labs Isopept Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

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Looking for an exceptional protein powder that not only tastes great but doesn’t make you feel bloated or sluggish? ISOPEPT is just that.

This protein formula contains 27g of the richest quality protein from Whey and Hydrolyzed Whey. These are premium forms of protein that are quickly absorbed by your body and are nutrient dense. Perfect for your post workout replenishment. 

ISOPEPT contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha and L-Theanine to support your nervous system, along with alkalizing vitamins and minerals and an anti-cramping blend.

Remember that bloating or sluggish feeling you get when you finish a protein shake? Digestive enzymes in ISOPEPT help reduce that and increase its absorption to improve your digestion.

ISOPEPT is best taken within 45 minutes after a workout to help replenish protein stores. Best mixed with 8oz or 240mL of water!


ISOPEPT combines both a rapidly absorbed form of protein and SO MUCH MORE! How many other proteins can you find that contain key ingredients such  as KSM-66 Ashwagandha and L-Theanine which assist in managing your stress, magnesium to help relieve sore muscles, plus Digestive Enzymes to help reduce bloating whilst helping you hit your protein goals? Probably none! We love taking our EHPLabs products to the next level. Why settle for anything less?



Both proteins will have beneficial effects, how you may decide between the two will be based on when you are intending to take them. WPI is best taken shortly after a workout as it is absorbed rapidly, making it a good choice for those wanting to refuel with protein straight after training. This assists with fuelling muscle growth and assisting with recovery. WPC is a great option to take when wanting to add a protein powder into a meal or is a good choice as a meal replacement or snack during the day, this is due to it being a slower absorbing form of protein. This means it will help us stay fuller for longer making it a great choice to add to meals or those in a calorie deficit.



ISOPEPT is for anyone wanting to up their protein game while having an all rounder health & wellness supplement.



The general rule of thumb is that 25 grams of protein is sufficient after a workout. Isopept has you covered with 1 scoop containing 27 grams of super high quality protein!

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